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Bath Basketball enters NBL Division Three

Bath Basketball entering NBL Divison 3 South West

Bath Basketball will become Bath's only senior men's team competing in the National Basketball League.

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone for Bath Basketball. We have officially secured our place in the National Basketball League, having entered Division 3 South West for this upcoming season.

This competition not only brings higher levels of play but also presents exciting prospects for our club and the broader basketball community in Bath. We aim to inspire aspiring players, unite fans, and develop partnerships that will further strengthen our local basketball community.

Speaking on the club's entry, Bath Basketball Director of Basketball Antonio Wilburn said "It’s exciting times, a National League team in Bath has been missing in the city for some time and we are thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity. I will be working closely with our GM on constructing a roster that will be competitive and entertaining."

Also joining Bath Basketball in Divison Three South West are:

Bognor GSD

Cardiff City

Cardiff Met Archers II

Exeter Spartans

Gloucester City Kings

Oxford Hoops

Plymouth Marjon Patriots

Plymouth Raiders

Join us on this new journey as Bath Basketball takes on Division Three. Follow our social media channels and website for updates and information about the squad, games and more!


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